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Zenergy Designs - Marketing Strategies

To survive and flourish, today companies must become experts at Internet marketing. Potential customers are increasingly hard to reach and becoming more cynical about companies and products. It takes an exquisite knowledge of the customer's desires to reach and inspire them. Zenergy Designs has mastered the most important forms of an Internet marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Our skill in search engine optimization means that your website will rank highly so that potential customers can find you. Selecting the right keywords and content for each page of your web site is the first step towards ranking high in the Search Engines. However, it is not the only the step you must take to keep your site on top. Several important factors now play a part of the World Wide Web (we will manage this for you so you do not have to). Our sites consistently rank near the top of search engines, usually at the top of the first page.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds

RSS feeds keep your audience constantly updated.

In today's fast-paced world, anything that saves time and frustration is highly valued. How many websites have you intended to go back to and then forgotten? Even sites that we have bookmarked rarely get visited. With RSS feeds and a newsreader, the content is pushed directly to your clients and customers. You can not get a better audience for your products and services than this!


Blogging works synergistically with RSS.

Corporate blogs allow established companies to connect with their audiences on a more personal level, building trust, collecting valuable feedback and fostering strengthened business relationships. More importantly, these companies are enjoying tangible returns in their blogging investment in the form of increased affiliate connections, business opportunities, lead generation, press coverage and most importantly, sales. Read nearly any trade journal to find out how important blogging is to a fast-tracked product.

Viral Marketing

Word of mouth (or passing it on as email) is the fastest and most influential promotion there is today. Creating an online message, be it an ad, a newsletter or a web site, that is both compelling enough to spread, and also firmly supports a brand's values and objectives, gets your potential customers excited to share it with someone. Creating a message resonates with someone, they pass it on to a group of friends. Within minutes it can reach thousands of people. People who are looking to buy your product or service, now.

Email Newsletters

A professional email newsletter is an extremely powerful tool that has been developed as a replacement to traditional physical tangible snail-mail campaigns. It is imperative that these newsletter deliver tangible value to customers so that they actually enjoy receiving them. They maintain relationships, build business, and deliver information, promotions and market messages quickly and effectively. Most importantly, they drive people back to your web site to do more business with you. Using the industry-standard in op-in technology means your recipients are likely to become satisfied customers.

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