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Zenergy Designs - Identity

The identity of your organization is a unique and identifiable symbol, association, name or trademark which serves to differentiate competing products or services. An identity is not made up by just one element. It is both a physical and emotional trigger used to create a relationship between consumers and the product or service you provide.

A combination of elements is used to define your identity in a way that creates visual consistency, character and style — going far beyond the logo.

The elements that a company typically considers when building a brand identity are;

  • Your Positioning Statement
  • Vision of your Company
  • Mission Statement
  • Value Propositions
  • Demographics
  • Tag Lines
  • Logos

In addition to the visual elements, there are verbal elements such as the tone and voice that tell your customers what you stand for and the type of products or services they will receive when doing business with you.

Are you friendly and helpful, or consistently fast and efficient? Are your products high-end or bargain basement? Do you offer something no one else has, or are you competing on price in a competitive market?  Identifying and marketing your brand to your target audience is a critical component of your brand identity, regardless of the products you sell or the services you offer.

Your corporate identity is a memorable statement impacting all aspects of your business, it plays an essential role in your customer's overall experience with your organization.

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